Decentryk's core technology involves integrating decentralized cloud storage technology with permissioned privacy management into a single cloud storage and security platform. Our first product for healthcare securely stores every patients critical data on the worlds first HIPAA compliant decentralized cloud storage and security auditing platform. This ultra-secure, private cloud storage platform will be available in API format for integration with software from any provider of digital healthcare services. Release of the MediVault cloud storage platform for healthcare apps is currently scheduled for April 2021.

The MediVault cloud storage and security back-end product will then be integrated with a front-end user interface specific for doctors and patients that includes video conferencing, encryptyed chat, patient scheduling and billing capabilities. This portal will deliver the ultimate virtual consulting platform for healthcare professionals and their patients, and also include a complete EHR / EMR platform for storing and sharing all patient data (scheduled for release in Q3 2021). Ultimately other next generation cloud technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), internet-of-things (IoT) and smart remote medical devices will be added to deliver the next generation of virtual healthcare.


Decentryk is a new US based company created in late 2020 with the goal of delivering military-grade cyber-security via decentralized cloud technologies to the global healthcare, media and government markets. Decentryk is also combining the security and privacy of decentralized cloud technology with video conferencing, artificial intelligence, IoT and smart device technologies to deliver the next generation of digital healthcare and media applications for end users. Decentryk will define tomorrows evolution of decentralized cloud storage and security for enterprise applications.

Cryptyk Inc. (see is a key strategic partner and the developer of Decentralized Cloud Storage and Security Auditing technology that provides orders of magnitude better security and privacy over conventional centralized cloud storage providers such as Google, IBM and Amazon. Decentryk has acquired the exclusive IP, Development, Marketing and Sales rights to CRYPTYK's decentralized cloud technology for all global healthcare, media and government related enterprise markets.


Dr. Kristin Kelly, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Neuroscientist, BD / Marketing / Sales
Expert, B2B Software Marketing Guru,
ex IBM / Bluewolf, Wake Forest, OSIsoft

Naveen Sydney, BS

Chief Technology Officer

Software Engineer, Project Manager,
Cloud and IoT Expert, ex Raytheon,
Founder of Hyperfield


Wes Francis

Director of Sales

Sales & Marketing Specialist,
Fintech, Media, Industrial Sales,
speaks 7 languages fluently


Dennis McMasters, BSc

Software Architect

Software Automation Expert, Platform
ex NYSE Euronext, Cryptyk,
"the guy who automated the NYSE"




Dr Adam Weigold, PhD

President & Chairman

Quantum Physicist, Technologist,
Inventor, Startup Veteran, 2 Public
Acquisitions, 1 IPO, Founder of Cryptyk


Dr Mark Rogers, MD

Director & Medical Advisor

General Practicioner, Laser Therapy
Medical Researcher, Multi-clinic Manager,
Published Author, ex Sonic Healthcare