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Decentryk ID technology combines hi-res laser engraving with digital blockchain verification for the secure, permanent, traceable authentication of both physical and digital worlds. Our patent pending technology permanently connects a digital Non Fungible Token (NFT) to a laser engraved physical ID to add a new digital dimension to any physical item. Every product minted with a Decentryk ID gains both a digital fingerprint and a cloud storage account for the product lifetime. And every time a product is scanned, updated or sold our AI analysis and tracking tools help us locate and identify potential counterfeit or stolen items.


Decentryk is digitizing the physical world to redefine authenticity and provenance for tomorrows luxury and collectibles markets.


Laser Engraved
Physical ID

Physical items are laser-engraved with our proprietary circular QR code that can be scanned by anyone with our free smartphone app to effortlessly prove item authenticity in seconds. Laser engraved Decentryk IDs can be applied to most physical materials down to 3mm diameter sizes.


Blockchain based
Digital ID 

The owner of the physical luxury item is issued with a digital NFT connected to a second different digital QR code and Web3 cloud storage account.  When the item is sold the NFT is transferred to the new product owner with the provenance history permanently updated on the blockchain. 


The Decentryk App verifies
Authenticity & Provenance

The Decentryk App can scan the physical QR code and apply a hash algorithm that combines it with the digital QR code paired to the owners NFT. This hashing process creates a third temporary code that is authenticated via a cloud based ID library to instantly verify both the item and owner. 


AI Analysis offers
Key Data Insights

AI Analysis of blockchain data, item profile data and user scan events allows us to identify counterfeit and stolen products to provide both customers and vendors alerts. AI analytics also provides unique customer and product data for luxury vendors such as post-retail user behavior and resale insights. 

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