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Wine writer Nick Ryan appointed as Decentryk Brand Ambassador

Nick Ryan appointed as Brand Ambassador for Wine.

July 7, 2023 (Adelaide, Australia). Decentryk is pleased to announce that the Australian columnist for the ‘The World of Fine Wine’ magazine has joined us as our Brand Ambassador for the global wine industry.

Nick is a renowned wine writer and journalist with decades of experience in wine tasting, pairing wine with food and the art of wine appreciation. He has considerable influence in Australia with both wine collectors and premium winemakers and is well known for his technical expertise and contributions to the field of wine journalism.

As a wine columnist for Australia’s only national newspaper “The Australian”, Nick educates and engages readers by providing insights into different aspects of the wine industry, including grape varieties, winemaking techniques, and wine regions.

Nick is a regular contributor to The Robb Report, Halliday magazine and Country Style and writes a weekly column musing on life and wine for Adelaide’s Sunday Mail. He has judged in many Australian and international wine shows and is a graduate of the prestigious Len Evans Tutorial.

Upon accepting his appointment to become a Decentryk brand ambassador Nick commented that “phygital anti-counterfeit technology is what every serious wine collector wants - a simple app on their phone to authenticate every bottle of wine and to verify the provenance and history of each purchase. Phygital passports not only add enormous value to premium wines via their numerous digital enhancements, but they can also save the leading winemakers of the world millions of dollars by effectively combating the burgeoning counterfeit wine market”.

Decentryk CEO Adam Weigold added that “we are ecstatic to have Nick on board as a new Decentryk Brand Ambassador, and we look forward to working with him to promote the benefits of phygital passport technology to the global wine industry”.

You can find out more about Nick Ryan and Decentryk on social media:

LinkedIn: Decentryk and Nick Ryan

Facebook: Decentryk



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