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Phygital Technology Explained

Phygital Passports

- Digital authentication of physical assets

- Anti-counterfeit & anti-theft protection

- Provenance & ownership verification

- Cloud storage account for each item

- Add product value via digital features

Phygital Technology Explained
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LaserMinters are available to pre-order now starting at only $3,499 per bundle

Laser Engraving
+ 3FA Blockchain


Laser-Blockchain Technology

Decentryk's Phygital Passport technology combines permanent laser engraving with the immutable traceability of 3FA blockchain verification for simple, secure, permanent asset authentication in both physical and digital worlds. Our unique patent pending technology integrates 3 different QR codes with a Non Fungible Token (NFT) and an ultra-hi-res laser mark to add a permanent digital fingerprint to any physical product. Hence every Phygital NFT Passport is permanently connected to a physical item for the lifetime of that product. This permanent phygital ID enables a new range of possible digital enhancement features that can be applied to any physical item post-production via the LaserMinter.


Phygital Passport Features

Authenticity + Provenance

​Phygital NFT Passports enable the following digital enhancement and use applications:

  • Anti-counterfeit & Anti-theft protection

  • Item Provenance & Valuation tracking

  • Web3 storage to upload user media files

  • Upload service & valuation documents 

  • Sell physical products via Phygital NFTs 

Mobile view of the Phygital App with links to an account and other app options


Phygital App for fast, easy product authentication 

The free Phygital App allows all customers and owners of physical products to quickly and easily authenticate the product and verify ownership our via our 3FA SCAN - HASH - VERIFY protocol.

Owners receive a free digital wallet with NFT and Web3 cloud storage account. They can update their phygital passports with item-related documents or sell their physical items on Phygital Marketplaces. The Phygital App will be launched with Phygital Marketplaces in Oct 2023.


Phygital Marketplace Options

A variety of wine bottles under a heading "My Wine Brand" Phygital NFT Marketplace

Build your own Phygital Marketplace

Our LaserMinter Pro bundles include white label software that enables you to build your own branded phygital NFT marketplace on your own domain (Oct 2023 launch).

A group of images of luxury goods (fashion, wine, tech goods) under a heading The Phygital Club - Phygital NFT Marketplace

The Phygital Club

The Phygital Club is our free-to-list phygital marketplace for anyone to sell, auction or re-sell any physical product with a minted phygital  passport (Oct 2023 launch).

Phygital Minting Platform

Create Phygital Passports with LaserMinter bundles

For the minting of Phygital Passports all our LaserMinter bundles (1) generate 3 unique QR codes, (2) laser engrave the physical QR code onto the real-world product, (3) mint the NFT and store it in a digital wallet, (4) upload the digital QR code to the blockchain, and (5) upload the phygital QR code to our 3FA Verification Library. Note the laser-engraved physical QR code can be easily customized with your own logo and text.


LaserMinters with hi-resolution optical galvanometers are available with either IR, Blue or UV laser output wavelengths for marking on almost any target material. Setup and operation of the LaserMinter is a fast, easy post-production minting process ideal for any sales or marketing team. LaserMinters are now available for pre-order with deliveries starting October 2023 when the Phygital App and Marketplace products will also be launched. Visit the LaserMinter store for assistance in choosing the ideal laser wavelength and product bundle for your target material.


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