Decentryk's patent pending NFT solution integrates ultra-hi-res laser engraving techniques with proprietary NFT verification and QR code creation technologies to offer the first viable protocol for minting NFTs for Physical Assets. By delivering a complete hardware and software solution, Decentryk solves all the common data security and permanence problems that plague NFTs in both the digital and physical worlds.

Now Physical NFTs become more secure, permanent and legitimately valuable than Digital NFTs could ever be !

Decentryk technology is analogous to 3FA data security for both physical asset and NFT identification. Our NFT minting and verification platforms comprise (1) the LaserMinter NFT minting platform and (2) the Asset Verification Protocol (AVP) for Physical NFT verification.

Permanent Laser
Engraved QR code

Physical items are laser engraved with Decentryk's proprietary circular QR code* for secure, permanent item ID for physical assets.

Immune to Digital and
Physical Forgeries

Our AVP software technology utilizes 3 different and unique QR codes for physical code storage, digital code storage and NFT verification.

AVP becomes invalid
without Physical Item

Digital NFT identifiers require access to both the physical asset and digital NFT to be properly verified for asset sale, auction or transfer.

Blockchain agnostic
NFT Verification

AVP protocol with Proof-of-QR verification can be integrated with any NFT blockchain including Ethereum, Solana and NEAR.


How Decentryk Works:

Our patent pending technology is analogous to MFA security for physical asset identification using 3 different QR codes for NFT minting and verification:

1) PHYSICAL QR1 - Decentryk's proprietary circular QR1 code* is laser engraved directly on the physical item (or authenticated metal tag).

2) DIGITAL QR2 - Standard square QR2 code is stored on decentralized cloud storage and paired with an NFT stored in a digital wallet.

3) PROOF QR3 - Verification QR3 code is created via an irreversible hash algorithm of QR1 and QR2 and upon NFT minting is uploaded to the "Proof-of-QR" online library. Access to PoQR requires AVP Token.

4) VERIFY NFT - NFTs are verified by optically scanning QR1 on the physical item and hashing it with QR2 to create a QR3 code, which is then compared to the QR3 code on the PoQR library. 

Introducing the LaserMinter

Portable, flexible form-factor for all physical NFT minting applications

- UV LaserMinter made for ultra-hi-res engraving on glass and metals.

- IR LaserMinter for marking on all metals, wood, plastics and stone.

- Handheld, desktop & production line versions for any application.

- includes 3D scanner for upload of first 3D media file to item library. 


Decentryk is digitizing physical assets to grow the following luxury markets


Benefits for Luxury Brand Products

  • A secure, permanent, traceable & tradeable digital ID with media library that can increase the market value or retail price of a luxury product by 10% - 30%. 

  • The ultimate anti-forgery technology for all unique, valuable physical assets and collectible luxury items. Decentryk dramatically rediuces the risk of physical forgery and digital theft.

  • Each physical item has its own public & private media library in the decentralized cloud to upload files for digital history & provenance. This includes a 3D scan of the item upon NFT minting as an avatar so physical assets can integrate with future VR/AR Metaverses.

  • AVP verification requires access to both Physical Asset and NFT.

  • When you sell an AVP Token you are actually selling the physical item bundled with the NFT.

  • If physical item ownership is not transferred to NFT buyer then the AVP Token becomes worthless (note all sales are escrowed). 

  • Options for bonded warehousing / direct shipping of physical assets.

  • Protected against digital "right-click-save" copies or forgeries.

  • Protected against physical QR label "photo" copies or forgeries.

  • Protected against physical QR label damage or loss.

  • Enables luxury brands to improve their brand marketing by creating digital communities that are connected together by their NFTs.

  • Luxury brands receive all LaserMinter hardware, NFT marketplace and software tools for free - our brand partners only pay 2% commission on all NFT sales.

Equity Investment Round

Interested in Decentryk's vision and want to get in on the ground floor? Decentryk will soon open our Seed Equity Investment Round to fund future product development, marketing and revenues growth. If you qualify as an accredited investor and are interested in participating in our upcoming equity round please contact us via the form below or email us at [email protected]



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