With forces like video communications, AI, 5G and IoT driving business innovation, enterprises are storing more and more information in the cloud every day. However, with rapid cloud adoption comes a much higher risk of suffering data security and privacy breaches.

$16.5B are lost to cybercrime every day *

Decentryk is a zero knowledge, decentralized cloud technology that makes enterprise-class cloud storage 100% private and 100x more secure without sacrificing speed and performance.

Dual Encryption

Files are encrypted once as a whole and again after they have been randomly sharded into five separate pieces to ensure protection at the sub-file level.

File Level Security

Traditional security solutions bolt on top of storage to prevent breaches. Decentralization provides file level security and privacy built into storage.

Security Auditing

File activity events including access, sharing, downloads are recorded on an immutable ledger to audit and manage security and privacy settings.

Zero Knowledge

Neither we nor any of our cloud vendor partners can see decrypted file contents. Only file owner and approved users can see entire decrypted files.

Threat Immunized Cloud Storage

Even if bad actors manage to breach a cloud storage node, all they can access is a single encrypted file fragment that is doubly encrypted and multiply sharded. Even if decrypted these file fragments contain no legible information, making them effectively worthless to hackers. Furthermore, if the file is a virus or malware it cannot self-execute or function properly. This design architecture is also 100% resistant to all brute force super computer attacks.


How Decentryk Works:

Our core technology integrates decentralized cloud storage technology with permissioned security auditing into a single cloud storage and security platform.

• Encrypts entire file at the source

• Shards file into 5 randomized fragments

• Encrypts each file fragment

• Distributes fragments across 5 storage nodes

• Records all access events in an immutable ledger

Each storage node contains 20% of encrypted file’s data.
Decentralized design does not use blockchain technology.

Decentryk provides immediate value in high-growth sectors where stored files contain confidential IP, personal data and mission-critical information. These global industries demand enterprise-grade IT performance, data resilience and a high return on security investment. Application specific solutions have already been developed for healthcare, media and government sectors. 


Healthcare and Telehealth:

  • Even past the pandemic, healthcare providers will continue using video and cloud-based systems for improved outcomes.

  • Medical records are highly valuable to hackers. Security and privacy breaches expose patient records and even worse, viruses and ransomware can paralyze operations.

  • Decentryk’s file-level security exceeds HIPAA requirements and protects personal information contained in documents, files, xray images and video communications.

Download Healthcare Solution Brief here


Media Production:

  • To reduce customer churn media companies are digitizing numerous systems and processes to accelerate production and lower costs.

  • Data losses and leaks lead to downtime, piracy, production delays, potential litigation, breach of contract and more.

  • Decentryk’s file-level security protects valuable IP and works at the large scale and high speed needed for media production.

Download Media Solution Brief here



Government and Infrastructure:

  • Secure GDPR compliant solutions for the protection of consumer privacy and mission critical information for infrastructure reliability.

  • Security and privacy breaches expose highly confidential information and even worse, can jeopardize national security.

  • Decentryk’s file-level security offers the privacy required for public users of government services and also the data security required for national infrastructure.

Download Government Solution Brief here


Banking and Fintech:

  • To reduce exposure and liability to ever increasing hacks Banks and Financial Technology companies are increasingly looking at Decentralized storage technologies to better secure their customers critical banking data.

  • Data losses, viruses and privacy theft lead to massive legal liabilities, increased insurance, loss of customer trust and brand destruction.

  • Decentryk’s accelerated file-level security protects confidential customer and bank data and can even provide new white label products for our fintech customers.




Logistics & Supply Chain:

  • Todays Logistics and Supply chain companies now process enormous amounts of product and tracking data that is vulnerable to interception and fraud.

  • Security and privacy breaches expose confidential business information to bad actors, and can jeopardize the delivery or even authenticity of a product.

  • Decentryk’s file-level security offers the privacy required for customers of product supply companies and also the data security required for internal logistics and tracking data.



Our Mission

Analysts estimate that cybercrime losses tripled in 2020 with $16.5 billion now lost every day globally*. Rapid digitalization of business systems has both increased attack surfaces and exposed legacy thinking with respect to cybersecurity strategies. Conventional cloud security requires complex, expensive, multi-vendor solutions to defend against hackers, viruses and malware. However for every $1 spent on cloud security $20 is still being lost to hackers. It is now clear that conventional cyber-security does not work effectively, no matter how much it costs.

We believe that new technologies and strategies are now essential to prevent rapidly escalating cyber-security losses. Our mission is to build the next generation of cloud storage technology with natural built-in immunity to all cyber-attack types, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of protecting critical data for any business or enterprise.


The headache: in 2020 rapid cloud adoption exposed legacy security strategies tripling massive privacy and security breaches throughout key global industries. 


One simple idea: instead of deploying multiple bolt-on security products to cloud storage, what if we could create cloud storage with natural immunity to all cyberattacks?


The differentiator: decentralized storage technologies such as blockchain are very secure but notoriously slow and hence not suitable for enterprise. Decentryk is the 1st decentralized storage technology that delivers the SPEED of conventional centralized cloud storage vendors such as Google or AWS, while also offering the SECURITY of decentralized design.

Management Team



Adam Weigold, PhD

Executive Chairman

Naveen Sydney


Kristin Kelly, PhD


Dennis McMasters

Chief Architect

David Mann

Operations Advisor

Juliette-Marie Somerset

Board Advisor

Technology Partners

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Decentralization plus Accelerated Speed

Decentryk’s unique hybrid technology combines the security and privacy of decentralized storage technology with the accelerated speed and scalability of global centralized cloud vendors.

Early Access Program:

Our Early Access Program opens Q4 of 2021 for a select group of customers and partners in key industries who want to collaborate with us on our pioneering cloud, AI and integration platforms. Benefits include heaviliy discounted custom development work, ongoing long term discounts for SaaS cloud storage services, and first access to a revolutionary new technology. Key markets include healthcare, media and government. 

To be considered for our Early Access Program, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

To find out more about the benefits of Decentryk Cloud Storage download the brochure here

Equity Investment Round:

Love Decentryk so much you want to get in on the ground floor?

Decentryk recently opened an Equity Investment Round to fund future product development and revenues growth. If you want to learn more about Decentryk's future technology and business strategy please download the white paper here.

If you are interested becoming a Cryptyk shareholder please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page, or email us at the address at the end of the white paper.



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