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Decentryk launches LaserMinter to create Phygital Passports

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

LaserMinters for the creation of Phygital Passports.

June 1, 2023 (Miami, USA). Decentryk Corporation has today released the LaserMinter range of anti-counterfeiting platforms for minting Phygital Passports using its game-changing laser-blockchain technology. The LaserMinter range comes in IR, Visible or UV laser wavelengths, and is available to pre-order online at the companies new LaserMinter Shop.

Phygital Passports permanently connect a digital NFT identity and cloud storage account to a real-world physical item. This provides for anti-counterfeit protection, item provenance and valuation tracking, item-related documentation and metaverse-ready NFT sales for all types of physical products and collectible assets.

Decentryk's patented phygital technology combines ultra-hi-resolution laser engraving with 3FA blockchain verification to deliver a secure, permanent digital dimension to your physical product. Find out more by reading the case studies and product offerings at - or visit to view the technology explainer video and other technical resources.

Decentryk CEO Dr. Adam Weigold commented that "after a year in laser development and prototyping we are now ready for our first major production run for all 3 flavors of LaserMinter. As of today we are accepting pre-orders for the first production run with 3-4 months delivery. These pre-orders are timed to be delivered to our first key customers at the same time that our Phygital App and Phygital Club marketplace software will be deployed in August / September. It's an exciting time for the company and for the future of phygital technology."

Phygital passports are the ideal anti-counterfeit and item provenance solution for all valuable luxury products such as watches, jewelry, fashion, leather goods, wine, spirits, exotic cars, classic cars, sports equipment and valuable art collectibles.

There is a limited production release of only 50 LaserMinter units available for pre-order during May. Pre-order your LaserMinter bundle now to begin the journey to providing Phygital Passports for your luxury product, bespoke creation or collectible asset.



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